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Green Door Farms was founded by a former infantry Marine and retired undercover narcotics detective. He suffered from chronic knee pain due to his time in the military and back pain as a result of an on-duty injury when a fleeing suspect ran him over with his vehicle. While preparing for retirement, his police department was gearing up for a large CBD raid, called Operation Candy Crush. He became intrigued about the benefits of CBD. He decided to try CBD to find out if it might be helpful for his pain. He tried many different brands of CBD, some from gas stations and some from stores that specialized in CBD. He found that many of the products were ineffective, and likely counterfeit. He also found that the products that did offer relief were drastically overpriced. It was then that he had the first thought to open his own CBD store. 

He envisioned a retail location that not only specialized in quality products, but one that priced those products affordably. After finding success with his retail location, he decided that he wanted to produce his own line of quality products. After months of research into quality source material, the Green Door Farms line was launched. Now these products are available at his retail location, as well as online.